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Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche or Thyangboche Monastery is the largest monastery and the Buddhist domain in the Khumbu region of Nepal. This monastery is also called Dawa Choling Gompa and situated at an altitude of 3,867m in Tengboche village, a Sherpa settlement in Khumjung. This Tibetan Buddhist monastery is the largest monastery in the region and was built by Lama Guru who has strong relation with its mother monastery Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet.

Amidst the Khumbu, this monastery has been pilgrims site for Sherpa People. The special kind of festival is observed at this monastery for 19 days which is called Mani Rimdu and this festival was passed down from Rongbuk monastery since generation. During this festival, the elaborate depiction of mandala diagram is made and mask dance is performed by the monks of the monastery. The local people are blessed by the Guru and festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Yearly, lots of foreigners come to observe this unique festival in Nepal.