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The beautiful village closely located by the bank of Rapti River and Chitwan National Park. This village is located 160 km away from Kathmandu, 155 km from Pokhara and 160 km from Indian border Sunauli. The national park is home to Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, bears, leopards, crocodiles, and other animals. The various special of birds are found in the area so lots of bird watcher visit Sauraha and visit Chitwan National Park to get their glimpse. The place is also enriched with rare floras which carry medicinal and other values.  The very noticeable thing about Sauraha is the ethnic group called Tharu and their culture.

In Sauraha, there are many hotels, lodges, and restaurants to provide the facilities to the guest who is there to spend their holidays. Apart from visiting the national park and the Rapti River, you can also visit other places near Sauraha and get yourself entertained.