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Sagarmatha N.P.

Sagarmatha National Park, the very first Natural World Heritage Site of Nepal situated at the Khumbu Region embracing the world’s highest peaks along with other world-renowned mountains above 8000m. It was in the year 1976. Later, in the year 1979, it was recognized as the Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The major objectives, goals or mission of establishing this national park is to conserve the forest, wildlife and cultural resources. The national park keeps on doing this work and later they started working in conservation of natural energy and search for alternative source of energy too. Almost all the landscape is full of desolate areas, huge rocks steep hills and less vegetation. Most of the vegetation is fir, rhododendron, birch, juniper trees and wildlife like Himalayan Thar, musk deer, ghoral, Himalayan black bear are found within the national park.

Within the national park, the legendary ethnic group of Nepal lives – we called them Sherpa. They have been the part of the national park and have a great contribution to the development of tourism in the Khumbu region from the very beginning of tourism activities in the areas.