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Panauti is a historical town in Nepal. This outskirt town is 32 km southeast Kathmandu. It’s about 2 hours driving from the valley. It was a trading post for the ancient salt trade route between Tibet and India. Still, you can find the traces of ancient artifact in the town. The people and the architecture in the town make you feel like you are in an ancient kingdom and observing their primitive lifestyles. You will find this place to be a living museum with exclusive ancient art and history. As soon as you reach the main town of the Panauti, the modern building and busy market welcome you. As you walk a little bit further, you will reach the confluence of Roshi streams and Punyamati River. From here, you will enter the ancient Pnauti following the path of the brick-paved road. During various fairs and festivals, the whole town gets lively and joyous. That’s the best time to explore the real Panauti Bazaar and their lifestyle on your visit.