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Mt Kanchenjunga

Mt Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the whole world. The elevation of this mountain is 8586m from the sea level. It is situated in between border of Taplejung, Nepal and Sikkim, India. The meaning behind its naming is based on the five peaks found in the Kanchenjunga Himal. And Kanchenjunga means the five treasures of the high snow.

This mountain was first summited by the British Expedition in the year 1955. And there are four climbing routes to summit the Mt Kanchenjunga, 3 of which lies in Nepal. Mt Kanchenjunga was believed by many people to be the highest peak in the world until 1952. But this belief was wronged by the Great Trigonometrical Survey based on various reading and measurements. At that time Peak XV currently known as Mt Everest was found to be the highest peak in the world. And Mt Kanchenjunga was declared the third highest mountain in the world in the year 1956.