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Kalapatthar means Black Rock and Kalapatthar got this name due to black colouration of stone at the summit area. The trip to the summit of Kalapatthar (5644m) is an add-on trek of EBC trek for many trekkers and it has been gaining popularity among them. The trekkers make the trip to Kalapatthar to view sunset and sunrise over the mountains which is one of the best experience one can see throughout the trek.

One cannot miss an opportunity to hike up to Kalapatther and see what it offers. The journey to Kalapatthar starts from Gorakshep and climb up passing to rugged trails and larger boulders on the way. Kalapatther’s summit is marked by prayer flags fluttering against brute air force. The summit offers the best view of Mt Everest, the world tallest mountain. The summit area of Everest cannot be seen from the base camp. So many trekkers take a time to climb the summit to get a view of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse and Changtse along with Khumbu glacier.