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Ilam is a small hill town with a pristine environment and amazing landscape of sloped tea garden. This Far East destination of Nepal is famous for the tea garden. The gentle hills are all covered by the tea garden. The stroll around such garden is soothing and refreshing things to do while you are in Ilam. Lots of tourist visit Ilam to spend their holidays, talk short hike or trek in the nearby areas, have a picnic and sightseeing and stroll around the nearby woods.

Apart from tea and the tea garden, Ilam is famous for mountain stream, dense natural forests, holy sites and unique culture of the area. There is a Lepcha museum to visit and know more about them as they are the predominating group of Ilam. Brahmin and Chhetri have also bigger constitution in term of population. Other ethnic groups are Magar, Gurung, Rai, Limbu, and Sherpa. There are many places to visit while you are in Ilam, some of them are Antu Danda (the first point of Nepal to see the sunrise), Mai Pokhari, Sadakpur, Kanyam & Fikkal, Siddhi Thumka, Chhintapu, Gajur Mukhi, Pathibhara, Mai beni, etc. The best time to visit Ilam is October –December, and February – April.