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Gorkha is home to the Bravest of the Brave soldiers of the world. It is the place where King Prithvi Narayan Shah devises a plan to conquer all the small states scattered into Nepal. Because of his great contribution, modern Nepal was possible. This place is not only famous for giving birth to the bravest soldier but also home to century-long heritage and cultures. The trekkers going for Manaslu trek are awed with the artistic design of the palace at the hilltop of Gorkha. They will have a better understanding of the war strategic location where the palace was built on. There is a various place to visit in Gorkha. Some of them are Gorkha Durbar, Gorakhnath, Bhimsen Temple, Ganesh Temple, Gorkha Museum, Mahadev Temple, Vishnu Temple and the local market below the main palace of Gorkha. From Gorkha palace, you can go for trekking to Manaslu, Visit Manakamana Temple etc.