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Ghorepani is a popular tourist destination of Nepal situated at an altitude of around 2760 m. A short trek from Banthanti and you will reach a beautiful village surrounded with a dense forest of Rhododendron and Oak trees. The Rhododendron forest in Ghorepani is the world’s largest one. At the base of Poonhill, this village is established with lots of lodges and guesthouses. From here you can see the beautiful mountain ranges and hills around. A short hike to Poonhill gives the better view of the Annapurna ranges along with other mountains. The hill all covered with red and pink Rhododendron forest during autumn seasons. You will be awestruck with the beauty, its look like red and pink patches in the green carpet. Many other villages are connected via Ghorepani and the trekker goes via this route to go to different route too.

In ancient time, when the traders used to go from this route, they used to feed water to their horses. Later, they started named this location as Ghorepani, as Ghode = Horse and Pani = water. There is a police station and a heath-post in the village. People bring the daily required goods with the help of mules or horses.