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Ghandruk is a popular trekking destination among the trekkers who visit Annapurna Sanctuary or Annapurna Base Camp. This village is situated above the Modi River and is surrounded by green forests. The view of Annapurna series and Mt Machhapuchere is excellent and beautiful. The local name of Ghandruk is called Ghandrung and this is the second largest Gurung settlement in Nepal. The well preserved Gurung culture and its history can be found being showcased as the living museum. The people at Ghandruk are very friendly and helpful.  There are many lodges and guesthouses for accommodation and shops to buy what you need. If you want to try the local dress and be like the local people, you can go to the museum and ask them to help you to dress in Gurung dress. It’s worth trying as the memories last longer than the footprints.