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Dhaulagiri I

Dhaulagiri I is the 7th highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8167m from the sea level. Dhaulagiri I is the part of the Dhaulagiri mountain range and lies in the western part of Nepal.  This is the only mountain in Nepal which lies within the country’s boundary. The name Dhaulagiri came from Sanskrit word called Dhawala which mean Dazzling, white and beautiful and Giri which mean mountain. Because of its beautiful and dazzling white appearance, this mountain was named Dhaulagiri.

Annapurna I lies just 34 km from Dhaulagiri I and in between this, The Kaligandaki River flows in Kaligandai Gorge – the deepest gorge in the world.  The mountain was first summited by Swiss/Austrian/Nepali Expedition in the year 1960. This mountain was once believed to the highest mountain in the world and the mountain’s long ridges and valley glacier offers feasible approaches.