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Cho means lake, la mean pass and Tse mean peak, Cholatse is simply called “Lake pass peak”. Cholatse is a stunningly beautiful mountain in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It lies in between Gokyo Valley and Khumbu valley. The elevation of this mountain is 6,440m from the sea level. This mountain is connected with Taboche Mountain (6,501m) by a long ridge. The north and east faces of the Cholatse can be seen while doing Everest Base Camp Trek from the place called Dughla.

The climbing of Cholatse is more technically difficult than any other technical mountains in Nepal. The vast climbing and expedition experience is required to climb the summit. Until 1982, this peak was unclimbed and many mountaineers thrive to climb the summit. On April 22, 1982, Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Roskelley, Bill O’Connor and Peter Hackett successfully climbed the summit from South West ridge and was scaled in the year 1984.