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Chandragiri base is about 12.1 km away from the Kathmandu main city. From the base, there is a cable car station to go up the hill, Chandragiri Hill. The place is gaining popularity as a perfect destination for a family retreat, children playground, foods with a panoramic view of mountains and the wilderness around. The cable car is 2.4 km with 38 cable car (gondola) and the ride is very smooth except for some bumping in the suspension. As you ascend, the concrete jungle fades away and turns in green. The Kathmandu city can be seen covered with yellowish dust with rims of green hills all around. Above the hill, you will find the peeking hills and the azure sky. Such a beautiful scene is hard to find in the Kathmandu valley. Reaching the Chandragiri is not that difficult, you can either hike up the top of the hills or take the cable car ride. It takes about 3 hours hike following the local trails and its 9 min cable car ride.  While returning back, if you love the wilderness and get wet the lushes, you can trek down while returning. This place is the perfect place to spend your day off and do the connecting hike to other nearby destination.